Tanzania to evict 40,000 Maasai Jews

AFRICA1157[1]For the last few days, the Jewish media has been whining about the eviction of 40,000 Maasai tribal people (see photo above) from their ancestral land in Northern Tanzania. The Tanzania government is being accused of selling Maasai farm land to Dubai’ royal family who wants to turn it into hunting reserve. A UAE-based real-state group has offered $600,000 for the 1,500 square kilometer Maasai land bordering the Serengeti National Park.

Every time I read some Jew media worrying about the welfare of Black folks – I get suspicious and gets an urge to find the truth. One doesn’t need a PhD to find out Jewish hatred of Blacks spread over centuries in the past – from racism, sexual abuse to downright slavery.

In June 2014, Donald T. Sterling, Jew owner of NBA Los Angeles Clippers said that Israeli Jews treat Blacks like dogs.

So, I did a search – and Bang! The Global Authors website claimed on January 1, 2014 that Maasai people living in Tanzania belong to one of the Lost ten Tribes of Israel.

The proud Masai (sometimes referred to as Maasai) people of East Africa, whose mysterious past is enveloped in legends of being one of the lost tribes of Israel,” wrote Shaland, a self-claimed Jewish historian.

I regard the Masai as being descended from the nomadic Semites to whom the oldest Hebrew pastoralist belong,” pronounced M. Merker, a German official-turned scientist stationed in Tanganyika in his study. Lord Churchill called Merker’s Dei Massaithe most truly inspired investigation that ever an African people has had.”  Merker’s study was well-known to the British Colonial Secretary Sir Joseph Chamberlain, who in the early 1900s suggested to Theodore Herzl, the leader of the Zionist movement, that parts of “Massailand” could be handed over to Eastern European Jews. In the following hundred years, most researchers concluded that Massai have Nilotic (from the river Nile) rather than Semitic origins, but Merker’s theory of Massai as “one the lost ten tribes of Israel” stubbornly continues to float in popular imagination,” says Shaland.

The so-called “Ten Tribes of Israel” is not only a myth but hilarious too. The Bible and many Judeo-Christian scholars believe the story of Hebrew people aka Jewish began with prophet Jacob whose other name was “Israel”. He had 12 sons from his two wives, who were sisters. However, Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, in book, The Thirteenth Tribe, claims that the modern-day Jews are not Israelites but belongs to Turk tribe of Khazar.

I think, the Zionist regime should support Tanzania government in this matter and urge the Maasai Jews to resettle in Israel on land stolen from Palestinians. It will also help Israel counter its demographic problem.

Zanzibar, a Muslim-majority Sheikhdom (80%) merged with Catholic-ruled Tanganyika to form the present-day Tanzania. Muslims are still in majority (35%) as compared to Christians (30%) in the country. This always has a sour in Israel’s eyes.

The ‘royals’ from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE have been hunting Houbara Bustard for decades in Pakistan’s provinces of Balochistan and Sindh. But sadly, there is only one Jew among 150 million Pakistanis.

Last year, an international media campaign against the proposed Tanzania hunting reserve was led by the online Zionist propaganda site Avaaz (speak-up in Urdu language) founded by Canadian/British Zionist Hindu Ricken Patel, 37.

Tanzania to evict 40,000 Maasai Jews.

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