The Surveillance State The CEO who said "No" to the NSA *vid*

The government jailed him in retaliation
In February of 2001, six months before 9/11, the NSA illegally sought (and received) the private data of the customers of phone companies all over the country in a warrantless search program.

One CEO, Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio, said “No!”

The NSA cancelled its contracts with the company and then in retaliation for his refusal to give in to intimidation filed an entirely bogus insider trading case against him.

Here’s the timeline:

1. Nacchio sells some of his Qwest stock
2. NSA failing in its extortion attempt, cancels Qwest contracts
3. Qwest stock price goes down
4. Government files insider trading charges against Nacchio

The judge in the insider trading case refused to have these simple facts entered into evidence and this decent, honorable man spent four and a half years in prison.


One response

  1. I haven't heard this previously but I'm hardly surprised. Put too much power in too few hands and corruption is the inevitable result. The CEO's of Google, Microsoft, et al certainly fell in line after this man's life was unjustly destroyed for not complying with an illegal order. Why isn't anyone questioning why would the federal govt have wanted all this info prior to 9/11?

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