Connecticut Yankee Swats in King Obama’s Court Terrorize College Dorm Looking for Plastic Sword *video*

Posted by alecope88 on March 17, 2014

In 2014 US police state, SWAT teams raid college dorms for plastic toys.

A youtube video posted by Dave Acton Urban Survival, shows a full SWAT team, with AR-15’s drawn, dispatched to apparently raid a dorm room looking for plastic sword.

College students face death over plastic sword at Connecticut Junior College.


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  1. this is such overreach/overr eaction by militarized police that it might as well be a movie about how 1984 really happens in what used to be 'America' – troubling as such 'police' are acting as armed military against unamerd civilians – the use of SWAT assaults in growing like a plague in America

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