Secret Police In Clergy Robes

by Al Benson Jr.
Communists in all areas of the world have long recognized the potential for spreading their lies and their agenda in churches and, through deception and propaganda, they often manage to manipulate those who should be their strongest opponents—Christians. 

That’s right, Christians should be the major opponents of communism and socialism, if they understood Scripture. However, since many of them don’t, they wind up being the unwitting accomplices, the “useful idiots” as it were, in the spread of socialism and communism (cultural Marxism) both in this country and in the world.
There was a saying several decades ago that: “While not many ministers become Communists, a lot of Communists become ministers.” Unfortunately, that has been the truth, both in this country, in much of Latin America, Europe, and in parts of Africa.
Years ago, back in the early 1970s, I think, the John Birch Society published an informative little booklet entitled Apostasy and the National Council of Churches. It dealt with some well-known churchmen in the National Council of Churches who were actually Communist Party members as well as others who, although not actual party members, were more than willing to work toward the Communist agenda in this country.
Back awhile ago now, someone also sent me a six-page booklet called the Air Reserve Center Training Manual. It was published in February, 1960 and contained several important items that you will hardly find in your denominational journals. On page 3 it stated: “The National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. officially sponsored the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Of the 95 persons who served on this project, 30 have been affiliated with pro-Communist fronts, projects, and publications.” That’s basically one third of them! The quote continued: “In its own brochure, the National Council of Churches listed the names of the Revision Committee and the Advisory Board. Among these were Walter Russell Bowie of Grace Church, New York; Henry J. Cadbury of Harvard University; George Dahl of Yale University; Frederick C. Grant of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary; and Leroy Waterman of the University of Michigan. All of these men were affiliated, for example, with the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties. (NFCL). The House Committee on Un-American Activities said of the NCFL: ‘There can be no reasonable doubt about the fact that the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties…is one of the viciously subversive organizations of the Communist Party…Not only were these men affiliated with the NCFL, but many similar Communist fronts and enterprises—Walter Russell Bowie with a total of 29; Henry J. Cadbury and George Dahl, 13; Frederick C. Grant 8; and Leroy Waterman 25.”
On page 4 it was stated: “Dr. Harry F. Ward, a long-recognized leader in the National Council of Churches, was a professor of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary in New York City for some 25 years, during which time he influenced thousands of theological students. Dr. Ward was identified by Louis Francis Budenz (an ex-Communist) before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as a member of the Communist Party…Ex-Communist Manning Johnson referred to Dr. Ward as the ‘Red Dean of the Communist Party in the religious field.’” If anyone would like to send me a dollar for mailing costs I will reproduce this six-page booklet and send it to you. Send your request to P O Box 55, Sterlington, Louisiana 71280. 

There’s lots of other material out there about all this. A book could be written on this if someone was willing to undertake such a project. This information gives you  just a small sample of what went on in churches in this country—and who knows what still goes on? Does anyone honestly believe that because the Berlin Wall came down years ago that Communists just automatically stopped their infiltration of American churches on the following day? Come on, folks, get real. If anything, the infiltration has expanded. Now we see evangelical churches that have obviously bought into the Marxist line and don’t realize it. I’ve recently written about some of this.

Back in the early 1970s my wife and I went with a group from the church we attended at the time to join a group led by Dr. Carl McIntire in picketing a group of Russian Orthodox “clergymen” in Chicago. Quite a few showed up to picket and I estimate there may have been around 50 of us altogether. There were enough of us in front of the building the Russian clergymen were to hold their meeting in that they snuck in the back door to avoid us. There were several Russian expatriates in our group and I never forgot one of them, who told us all, “Is no priests, is KGB.” I don’t doubt for a minute the accuracy of his comment, in light of what I have just read in Oleg Kalugin’s book, published in 1994, called The First Directorate.  Kalugin was in the KGB for over thirty years and heavily involved in espionage and intelligence work against the West, who, in some cases it seems, were barely fighting back. Kalugin’s book is still available on and I would recommend it for anyone who wants an in-depth view of the Marxist mindset in Russia.
One thing Kalugin dealt with, which should concern Americans, was the KGB penetration of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). On page 197 Kalugin noted: “Our long arm overseas even extended into the inner confines of the Russian Orthodox Church. Indeed, the KGB’s near-total control of the Russian Orthodox Church, both at home and abroad, is one of the most sordid and little known chapters in the history of our organization. I had only a passing knowledge of our church operations…though I later learned in depressing detail just how—through threats, bullying, and blackmail—the KGB had co-opted the church in the Soviet Union…The KGB’s notorious Fifth Directorate, in charge of ideology and dissidents, had a stranglehold over the church inside the Soviet Union, and also had recruited scores of priests in Russian eimgre communities throughout the world.
The Russian Orthodox Church in America was split, but the faction that remained loyal to Moscow was riddled with KGB agents…When I ran for a seat in the Soviet parliament in 1990, I once again ran smack into the church and its KGB-controlled leadership. During campaigning in my district, in the Southern Russian region of Krasnodar, the local bishop spoke publicly and denounced me as a traitor. I couldn’t sit silently, particularly because I knew that the Krasnodar bishop, Isidor, had cooperated closely with the KGB for years and was one of the church’s more despicable  informers.” And so, at one point, when the bishop attacked Kalugin, he responded, in front of a crowd, “You in the church hierarchy are all KGB stooges and you have the insolence  to brand me a traitor? I know, Bishop Isidor, that you are a longtime KGB agent and I know who your case officer is.”

Kalugin observed that a priest simply didn’t rise in the church’s hierarchy unless he collaborated with the KGB.
And so the Orthodox Church in Russia was totally compromised and ended up doing the bidding of the Russian secret police. There are a lot of independent church groups in Russia and the Ukraine today and this is a situation they have got to learn to watch out for.
Vladimir Putin is an ex-KGB man. According to some sources I have seen he would like to construct a new Russia somewhat along the lines of the old Soviet model. If he is able to pull this off, then what will that mean for the Christian churches in Russia? That’s something they need to think about. And if Russia’s “disbanded” (actually decentralized) state security, the FSB, gains more power that it supposedly now has, what will that mean for churches in Russia and other places?
What will it mean for churches in this country if the Cultural Marxism that has become so prevalent in many of them is not exposed for what it really is—Marxism? I realize most Christians today just don’t want to deal with any of this. They are waiting for the “rapture” to remove them so they don’t have to mess with it and they can just let this old world go to hell while they escape. 
Folks, suppose it doesn’t quite happen that way? Suppose the Lord wants us all to stay around for awhile and learn to deal with some of this stuff. Suppose He wants us to hang around and contend for the culture we see around us—to actually contend for it with a redemptive purpose? Suppose He wants us to get our noses out of those Scofield “Bible” Notes and deal with the real world? Are we willing to do that? What we leave our children and grandchildren in the next couple generations may well depend on how we answer that question.

SOURCE revised history


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  1. The difference with the Eastern Orthodox Church is that they never made radical changes such as bible changes or mass wording changes etc. So that basically when you go in there it is close to what the early Christians were doing. The history is that the Roman western church made changes with electing a pope leader system while the Orthodox still claims Jesus as the Church leader.
    Socialist are expected to be well tolerated in America however people who don't like the change tend to become shunned, degraded, excluded and terminated out of the group. Not getting much change in the Russian Christian Church had to be difficult to say the least.

  2. “What will it mean for churches in this country if the Cultural Marxism so prevalent in many of them is not exposed for what it really is? Marxism. I realizr most Christians today just don't want to deal with this.”

    What they really don't want to deal with is the fact that “Marxism” is in reality Talmudic Judaism. Karl Marx was born to Herschel Levy Mordecai who “converted to “Lutheranism” in order to be able to practice law which for very good reason was at the time forbidden to Jews. His maternal grandfather was a “Dutch” rabbi, while while his paternal line had supplied Trier's rabbis since 1723.
    Marxism/communism is100% a Jewish invention which is proudly stated by the Jewish encyclopedia.
    Furthermore, the Jews have been under the order of the Sanhedrin for 500 years now to feign conversion to Christianity and INFILTRATE the seminaries to destroy Christianity from within. Henry Ford warned about this over and over nearly a century ago. But since most Christians suffer under the delusion that the Jews are “God's Chosen People,” they have never paid attention even though Titus 1:14 implores the same thing. So please…CALL A SPADE A SPADE !

  3. In 1953, Bella Dodd, former Secretary of the Communist Party, USA, testified before House and Senate Committees of how she and the Communist Party had infiltrated over 1400 Communists, many homosexuals, into the Catholic Seminaries. She also testified that thousands were infiltrated into other denomination, education, military, government, social institutions,etc.

    In 1962, Twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, while studying documents in the Vatican Archives, in the original languages, discovered the largest conspiracy in history, still ongoing. They discovered the documentation of how thousands of “Marranos”, also known as Crypto or Secret Jews, had faked conversion, who later and now had become and are Cardinals, Bishops, Abbots, maybe even a few Popes, who had also become Protestant Ministers, Islamic Clerics, Pagan Priests, etc. Those in the Catholic Church were to destroy the faith, not the organization, but the faith, but to keep the organization of the Catholic Church (and other denominations) intact but corrupted and use its organization to “herd” the faithful. These twelve priests published a book called the “The Plot Against the Church” under the name “Maurice Pinay” in 1962 in Italy, now available in several languages. When the Vatican discovered the books existence they attempted to stop its publication but were too late as it had already been published and was on the shelves.
    This book, available from “OMNI Christian Books of California” for $20, documents and exposes a conspiracy so big as to be near unbelievable by most, it explains all that is happening today in the world and governments, the attempt to establish a One World Satanic Judeo-Freemasonic Dictatorship. A must for all to read. How the Jews subverted governments, education, social institutions, etc, how they practice treason as a common trait, fomented wars and revolutions, etc, and how they are behind near all that is happening today in both our countries and Churches, how the Jews are the authors of Communism, Marxism and all the other “isms”, etc.

    I would also suggest all read online the following two items:

    1. The 1976 interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal, former assistant to then Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr Rosenthal was ultimately killed for this arrogant interview.

    2. “The Jewish Problem in Europe”, La Civilta Cattolica of 1880, (Oct, Nov, Dec) written under the authority of Pope Leo XIII. This publication has no equal in what it describes as the Jewish attempt to buy and control, media, publication houses, education, governments, etc, must must read.

  4. It goes much,much deeper than people are either, to “busy” to look into, or just don't give a sh!t about. “To the Jew become a Jew, to the Catholic become a Catholic, to the Protestant a Protestant,” Why? It might behoove everyone,since the Pope is a Jesuit, to listen to, and read along with the narrator, the “Oath Of The Jesuit” starting at around min 28 in the video; “History of the Catholic Jesuit Order” Very, very eye opening, and lot's of references for those that doubt.

  5. I'am not here to bring you good news,ITS not my job,MY JOB IS TO WARN,as a watchman of the MOST HIGH,forget about being raptured,NOT GOING TO HAPPEN,most of you will die in the coming NUCLEAR WAR,but a good majority will die in the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,you'll see your children fed to the guard dogs,because you were cowards and NEVER stood up like you could have,you lost your country to the demons who easily fooled you,you let the ungodly turn your schools into centers of preversion,and voted,not for godly people,NO you were to politicily correct for that,you wanted known demons who were beyond imagination,WHEN the demoncrates SCREAMED “WE WANT SATAN,NOT GOD” did nothing,DID you think the MOST HIGH wasn't watching??well now the really bad news,HE WAS,and he gave you over a YEAR,TO DO SOMETHING about it,you did nothing,you wanted SATAN,your wish has been granted,,YOUR fruit tree is bear,and now being protected is history,and being saved is not going to happen,COME BACK TO THE LORD,YOUR OUT OF TIME,and he's not going to wait for you to return much longer,THE WAR IS ABOUT TO START,If your captured,DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST,that will be THE LAST STRAW,you will not be entering heaven,don't you take it,and don't let any of your familiy or friends take it,WHAT YOUR about to see, will be worse then the death camps of NAZI GERMANY,GET READY ,HELL IS COMING TO AMERICA,THE FATHER..THE MOST HIGH,is going to POUR OUT A BUCKET OF “BLOOD” ON AMERICA,it will run down every street in every neighborhood in america,ITS WHAT YOU WANTED …REMEMBER…….One last little thing,GO BUY A TENT,your going to need it,and you'll be wishing you had if you don't…………..

  6. In the photo of Dr Harry ward you see he is making a secret sign with his two hands, common among leaders, including communist ones. Some leader in Russia now also has been seen doing that Ward sign. His two students in each side of him also are making signs with their hands indicating their rank in the “communist” hierarchy. With these signs they indicate their rank, the lower in rank has to obey the higher one.

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